Hot Tile Trends That Are Affordable, Modern, and Durable!

Flack’s Flooring is getting ready to re-do our tile section in our main showroom. After working tirelessly on our specials showroom for the past two months, we are taking on another project to better display our tile selection. 

Tile flooring has come back in trend in the last couple of years, and is a popular choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and even entryways. The durability, clean look, and affordability are all reason to choose tile for your home. Recently, tile has become available in several different styles and patterns. Take a look at some of the more modern styles options and trends you can choose from! 

Patterned Tile

Inspired by cultures from Mexico, Spain, Turkey, France, and more, patterned tiles really bring a space to life with their different colors and dimensions. They come in such a wide variety of colors and styles including floral designs, art deco designs, and geometric patterns.  Use patterned tile in your bathroom as the main feature against the plain white cabinetry and white bathtub, or use it in your kitchen as a statement element in an open concept home. Anyway you use it, this timeless style is sure to provide a sense of uniqueness and artistry. 

Hexagon Tile 

Hexagon tile gained popularity in kitchens and bathrooms in the early 20th century for its mosaic appeal. Today, it is used as a very modern flooring option with its clean lines and minimalistic color options. Due to their small size and interlocking shape, they can be used to create simple patterns on the floor or used in uniformity to open up a space. Plus, if you have excess tile left over, you can use it for kitchen backsplashes and wall decor accents!

Marble Look Tile

The Marble look has never gone out of style and is often associated with elegant and sophisticated decor. Of course, real Marble is very expensive and actually very porous, making it a less durable option for flooring. Marble Look Tile, however, has been manufactured to withstand high moisture, which is perfect for bathrooms. It adds a certain sleep appeal to a bathroom and really brightens up the confined space. 

Wood Vinyl Tile 

Luxury Vinyl Tile has become a huge trend on the hard surface market, and consumers continue to put this type of vinyl throughout their homes and in their business. The high durability and water resistant factor, paired with the natural look of wood is both affordable and stylish. While the wood grain feature is only a print of the real thing, manufacturers are producing LVT flooring with more graphic detail than ever before. Prints can range from oak to cherry, to even reclaimed and distressed wood. And, unlike the other tile trends, wood vinyl tile can be placed throughout the house in areas like bedrooms, basements, and living areas. 

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