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At Flack’s Flooring, we want you to find the quality flooring that works best for you, your space and your budget, whatever that looks like. If there is anything we’ve learned over decades in business, it’s that each and every customer, and each and every home, is different. To be able to cater to the diverse needs of our clients, we offer the best products at all price points as well as high-quality installation and customer service you can’t get anywhere else.

As your premier Alpharetta flooring store, we want to help you select the flooring you will love and be satisfied with for years to come. For experts in area rugs, carpet, hardwood, and waterproof flooring, look no further than Flack’s Flooring. 

Carpet Flooring near Alpharetta

Carpet is a popular flooring choice in new home construction as well as renovations. Along with being available in a huge assortment of styles, colors, and designs, carpet can be a durable and sustainable option when maintained well over time. Among other benefits, carpet flooring is great at absorbing sound, leading to lower noise levels in the home, and can also act as an insulator to keep a room warmer and reduce your power bill. 

The carpet we’re installing in homes today is much more low-maintenance than the carpet you probably grew up with, which often retained stains from spilled drinks, dirty shoes, and pet accidents, as well as harbored allergens including dust mites, dead skin cells, and pollen. Carpet today is stain-resistant and easier to clean, as well as contains hypoallergenic fibers to keep your family healthy and happy. 

Carpet stores like Flack’s Flooring can offer you a variety of choices in carpet flooring to meet both aesthetic and practical purposes. If you’re on the hunt for carpet flooring near Alpharetta, we’re the place to go!

Hardwood Flooring Sales and Installation

Hardwood flooring has become increasingly popular over the years for its sleek appearance and perceived low maintenance. While the initial cost of the flooring and installation can be costly, the life of a hardwood floor is easily extended with proper care and maintenance. Stain resistant, easy to clean, and easily refinished, replacing a wood floor is generally a worst-case scenario and more often done for aesthetic and design reasons than because the quality of a floor has deteriorated.

Hardwood flooring is recommended by allergists for those who suffer with indoor allergy symptoms. Fibers by nature attract dust mites, which feast on dead skin cells and create allergens that are often very bothersome to humans. Having hardwood flooring can eliminate a large portion of the allergens that live in dust and help you and your family to breathe easier. 

Elegant and durable, check out our selection of hardwood flooring today! 

Hardwood Floor Alternatives

Vinyl flooring used to be a bit of a taboo word in interior design circles, but that isn’t the case anymore. Innovations in materials and technologies mean vinyl and waterproof flooring are making a big comeback. 

If you’ve ever wanted the look of hardwood flooring in a kitchen, bathroom, or basement but worried about the impact water could have on the material, Luxury Vinyl Tile is the less-expensive, more durable option you’ve been waiting for. Vinyl flooring today mimics hardwood flooring with the appearance of natural texture and depth, but requires even less maintenance. And it can be incredibly easy to install, with options for “floating” flooring as well as glued-down flooring. 

Many of our customers come in looking for hardwood flooring but are stunned when they see our selection of hardwood floor alternatives. For waterproof or vinyl flooring that will exceed your expectations, visit Flack’s Flooring! 

Top-Rated Flooring Company near Alpharetta

At Flack’s Flooring, we want you to love your floors. That’s why we supply beautiful products and offer flawless installation at all price points and for spaces of any size. As north Georgia’s premier flooring showroom, we cater to the wider metro Atlanta area and are known as one of the top-rated flooring companies near Alpharetta. Many of our customers are referred to us from cities all around Georgia for our wide selection of flooring options and unmatched customer service. Give us a call today or stop by our showroom off Ga. 400 in Cumming and let us help you find flooring you’ll love! 770-889-9752

Frequently Asked Questions about Flack’s Flooring

What’s the best flooring company near me? 

Flack’s Flooring is located on Ga. 400 in Cumming, GA, near Alpharetta. Give us a call for more information about our flooring sales and installation services. 770-889-9752

How much does it cost to have hardwood flooring installed? 

While the cost of hardwood flooring can vary depending on quality, materials, and square footage, hardwood flooring installation can cost anywhere from around $6 to around $12 per square foot.

Where can I get waterproof flooring near Alpharetta? 

Flack’s Flooring, a flooring store located near Alpharetta, GA, supplies waterproof flooring and vinyl flooring for every budget. Give us a call today to learn more: 770-889-9753