The Best Floors for Farmhouse Style Homes

Farmhouse decor is full of character and charm, and has become increasingly popular due to HGTV shows like Fixer Upper and Flip or Flop. As you think about redesigning your home or building a new home to fit this simplistic style, flooring can be a huge part of bringing the space together. So, which types and colors of flooring suit this rustic and chic decorating style best? 


With a Farmhouse style home, it is important that you achieve an antique and vintage look. You’ll want to use hardwoods that have a lot of character and really show off their natural grain. Using a wood like oak will give you the old-school look, like the Fitzgerald Oak Wood by Hallmark. The natural grain and dark stain could fit great in a kitchen, living, or dining room area. 

Farmhouse Floors.png

The stains you choose are also very important to achieving the Farmhouse look. Avoid picking woods with more red stains in them, as they can be dated and hard to match with other colors. Instead, choose more subtle tones like a dark brown or grey. Make sure the wood finish is matte as well. The more natural the wood looks the better! 

Another way hardwoods can provide that rustic appeal is the size of the planks you use. Larger and wider planks make the space feel open, giving the room more simplicity. You can also mix and match the sizes of the planks, which can really make your rooms vintage and unique.


When you think of the farmhouse color palette, it is usually full of neutrals and subtle patterns or textures. A light beige or light grey works well with the types of decorations and accents used. If you want a pattern, a small diamond or quatrefoil design is subdued enough that it won’t take away from the decor, but also adds a stylistic flare to the neutral landscape. The Taza carpet by Tuftex the best of both worlds!

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If you don’t want a lot of carpet in your Farmhouse style home, think about large accent rugs. They give areas like the living room and bedroom a more comfortable and relaxed look, and don’t take up the entirety of the room. Rugs from Magnolia Homes fit the Farmhouse look perfectly, and they are neutral enough to go with most hardwood floors as well. 

Whichever floor you decide on, choosing the right flooring is unique to everyone. You don’t have to stick with just one type. Experiment with your decor and tailor it to fit your personal style.