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Product Specifications


FIBER – 100% PureColor® Solution Dyed BCF Polyester


WARRANTY – Lifetime Stain Warranty, 10-Year Wear Warranty, 10-Year Manufacturer Defects Warranty, and 10-Year Soil Warranty

If you’re looking for a brand of quality carpet, then consider the Broadway Carpet Collection by DreamWeaver. These carpets come in a variety of 19 different neutral tones to choose from, and each is made with thoroughly dyed PureColor carpet fibers. This form of solution-dyed coloring ensures that the color is evenly distributed throughout the carpet and will last the lifetime of the carpet without fading. Broadway carpets are made in the United States using eco-friendly equipment. You can be confident in your purchase knowing it was sustainably made using the latest technologies available.

Not only do Broadway carpets look amazing, but they are built to stay that way, too. Every fiber includes the built-in protection of Soilshield inside and out to create a stain-resistant carpet. Accidents do happen, and no carpet is truly immune: when something is spilled on the carpet, simply read through the care manual for the best solution. By taking proper care of your carpet and following the recommendations of the manufacturer, you are guaranteed a wonderful carpet for many years to come.

As a part of the quality guarantee by DreamWeaver, the Broadway collection comes with multiple limited warranties. As long as the carpet is taken proper care of, you will be able to qualify. The warranties protect against stains from common household spills, pet stains, fading over time, and dulling caused by soil. Limited warranties also apply for carpet abrasion, manufacturing defects, and texture retention issues.

All these outstanding benefits can be received with the purchase of a superior Broadway carpet. To learn more about Broadway carpeting or to schedule an appointment to look at this carpet in person, call 770-343-2302.

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