Choosing the Right Outdoor Rug

Summer weather is approaching fast, and with the heat comes days by the pool, weekends at the lake, and barbecues on the patio. Outdoor spaces need to be cleaned and spruced up to make room for all of those summer activities. Give your patio or porch a whole new look with a special outdoor rug. Here are few things to consider before making your purchase. 


Patios, decks, or porches tend to be more oddly shaped and less predictable than indoor spaces. You have to pay attention to the architecture surrounding the building, including pillars and columns, fireplaces, and stairs. Make sure that the rug size and shape you choose will fit within those parameters because oversized rugs can cover an entire deck or patio if you measure wrong. 


If you already have patio furniture, you may want to get an area rug that matches the shape of your tables or couches. Round tables generally look better when placed over round area rugs, and outdoor chairs and loveseats should fit within a square or rectangular area rug for a cleaner look. 


From a design standpoint, outdoor rugs can either overwhelm your patio or provide a much needed pop of color. Outdoor rugs don’t have to just be a neutral tan shade. There are several different patterns and colors on the market, from stripes to floral to classic Mediterranean. Consider matching your colors to your patio furniture or even the color of your house. If you have very subdued furniture, try a rug with a lot of color and a large printed design, but if you have colorful furniture, stick to a more solid rug. 


Outdoor rugs are typically made with longer-lasting materials to withstand different types of weather. If you are going with synthetic materials, Polypropylene or acrylic rugs can be dyed in beautiful colors and patterns, while also drying quickly from rain. They tend to be less expensive than their natural counterparts, such as bamboo. While natural materials are more environmentally friendly, they can also ruin and mildew more easily. 

Flack’s Flooring knows that summer is coming soon, and we want you to get the first pick of some of our high-quality outdoor rug material. Right now we have several rolls of outdoor carpet in various colors that can be made into custom bound rugs at an extremely low cost! Take advantage of it while it’s still here because once it is gone, it’s gone! Give us a call or visit our local flooring store if you are interested.