Reduce Your Environmental Footprint with Flooring

In a world where we consume and waste so much, eco-friendly flooring is one way we can reduce our personal environmental footprint. Today’s flooring products can be made from harmful materials that produce VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). These chemicals can affect our allergies and overall health without us even realizing it. Choosing a green flooring option can not only improve the quality of air in our homes, but can also be reused and repurposed once they are old or worn down. Take a look at the environmentally friendly options available to you.

Wool Carpet

Some carpets are made with adhesives and chemicals that are harmful to our environment and health, but nowadays there are plenty of great options that won’t do either of those things. Wool carpets are made from natural resources (animal fur) instead of artificial materials like nylon. It also have a reputation for its durability and can last for years under tough pressure. After centuries of use it has been proven to be a great heat insulator, air purifier, and extremely dirt resistant. 

Reclaimed Hardwood

Deforestation is a huge problem around the world, and more and more of the land is being destroyed due to the demand for wood. But, if you have your heart set on hardwoods in your home, try using reclaimed hardwoods. This type of wood was chopped down and made into something long ago, but has been repurposed and reused to create something new, including floors, accent walls, tables, doors, and more. Instead of buying something brand new, try and recycle something old first to give your floors some character and history.


Many people thing that Linoleum is similar to vinyl (plastic), but in fact is made from more natural materials, including linseed oil which is produced from flax plants. It is great for areas like the kitchen and bathroom, and can last anywhere from 20 to 40 years depending on the care given to it over the years. Plus, if it is getting worn out and needs replacing, the materials can actually be burned as fuel. It may be an older trend, but it is still a sustainable one as well. 


This last option may sound a little strange, but according to several flooring blogs, cork is a rising star in the flooring industry due to its surprising durability and unique look. Cork is made from the bark of oak trees which does grow back, making it extremely renewable. It also acts as a insulator in the heat or cold, is fire retardant, and is bug, mold, and mite repellent. And on top of all that, it can be stained and designed in anyway you want just like hardwoods. 

While we don’t often consider how our floors impact the environment, choosing an eco-friendly floor is a great way to start reducing that environmental footprint and living a cleaner life. Visit the flooring store today, and we can show you some of our favorite environmentally friendly products!