Unique Flooring Options for Your Mid Century Modern Home

Our creative and talented Sales Specialist Brooke was recently invited to the Phenix Insight Design Council to discuss current market trends with fellow representatives. One of the biggest trends they discussed was mid-century modern designs. Popular between the 1930’s and 1960’s, mid-century modern decor was defined by its minimalism, clean lines, and geometric patterns. In 2019, it is making a huge comeback among the millennial generation, and we want to give a few unique flooring options that might match this style. 

Ceramic Tile 

As mentioned previously, mid-century modern focuses heavily on clean geometric patterns. Ceramic tile often comes in unique shapes, from octagons to quatrefoil to chevron. Because mid-century modern furniture is so simple, the unique patterns will contrast well with the rest of the decor. If you are interested in ceramic tile, be aware that it isn’t as durable as most flooring options, but it is a beautiful option nonetheless. 

Colored Carpet

Modern carpet trends to be bland in color and very onenote, but mid-century modern admires pops of color here and there. Use neutral colors for the walls and furniture to make your colored carpet really stand out. Dark green, red, or blue flooring, mixed with grey and beige tones in your bedding, pillows, or accent pieces is a great way to get creative with your decorating. 


Many older homes from the mid-century modern area had traditional wood floors. Choosing a medium to dark wood with a simple grain and texture will make your neutral furniture look crisp and clean. Hardwood also adds more resale value to your home, and they are generally more durable and easy to clean than carpet and tile.


Finished concrete is a separate trend all on its own. It is rising in popularity due to its modern and industrial appeal and versatility. Because of its simplicity, it goes well with pretty much any color scheme. Carpet and tile can make your flooring the statement, but using concrete floors can make your furniture and decor the statement. Use it in your mid-century modern kitchen and bathroom with a patterned area rug, and you have a durable and fashionable floor.

If you are looking to redecorate your home in a mid-century modern style, start by coming to Flack’s Flooring to see all your flooring options. One of our sales specialists will be happy to make suggestions. Also, check out our Mid-Century Modern Pinterest Board for more inspiration and ideas. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Most engineered hardwood can get wet and is considered “water-resistant.” That being said, large spills or pools of water should always be cleaned off the floor and dried thoroughly as soon as possible.

  • Depending on your personal taste and style, different hardwood flooring can certainly vary from one room to the next. However, we are aware of the thickness and plank size for door or stairway transitions.