Flooring Renovation Mistakes and Misconceptions

As mentioned in previous blogs, summertime is the main season for home renovations. School breaks and slower work weeks make it easier to focus on those projects you’ve yet to see through. If you are in need of new floors, we want you to come to Flack’s and view our wide selection of hardwood, carpet, and waterproof flooring. However, we also want you to consider these common mistakes homeowners tend to make when replacing their floors, and how to avoid them during your renovation. 

Poor Quality Material 

New flooring can be a big expense. Depending on the size of your home and the type of floor you want, prices can go above $10,000. You want to stick to a precise budget, but you also don’t want to buy cheap materials. Poor quality flooring is susceptible to more damages and will ultimately need to be replaced within a few years. It can also lower the value of your home, and deter potential buyers. If you really need new hardwood floors but don’t have the proper budget, consider taking the project one room at a time. 

The Wrong Materials

Where you are putting your flooring is key to knowing what type to use. For instance, you want to use something more moisture-resistant in the basement and bathrooms, and something durable to stains and spills in the kitchen. In addition to placement, you want to take style into account as well. Don’t purchase flooring that is overly trendy. Flooring fads come and go, and they might make resale a little harder. 

Unrealistic Timelines

In an age where everything can be accessed with the click of your keyboard, we expect things to be done quickly and efficiently. Renovating your home is not one of those things. Give yourself some time for your floors to be installed and your walls to be painted. The size of the room, the material used, and the installer’s schedule are all factors that can delay a project. Be prepared for a few hiccups and don’t get stressed if they happen.

Companies and Installers

Many people are handy and can learn to lay down flooring themselves. One can easily buy carpet or vinyl from a typical flooring store and try to install it themselves through video tutorials. However, there is always room for error. Without the proper floor prep, flooring can crack or come undone. Hire a company and group of installers that you trust to complete the renovation. They will have the knowledge and skills to assist you through the process better than the internet. 

Complete home makeovers are a serious effort. Budget, time, and trust are all key to achieving your finished project. Remember these few misconceptions about floor remodeling before you even begin, and visit the store if you have any other questions or concerns.