Hardwood Floor Color Trends

Just like fashion, flooring trends come and go, but unlike fashion, new flooring can be a big expense. Because styles change so frequently, we recommend investing in hardwood floors. The great thing about real hardwood is that it can be refinished and restained into any color you want. Whether you want a traditional brown or a modern gray, you have endless options available to you. Here are some more current color trends and how well they might work with your decor. 

Gray and “Greiges” 

Gray is officially the new neutral. From the customer’s favorite paint color “Agreeable Gray” to modern furniture colors, gray is slowly making its way into every home, and flooring is no exception to the trend. There are several variations of the color from a dark gray to what designers like to call “greiges” or a mixture of gray and beige tones. With a more contemporary home, a light and airy gray will suit the clean lines and simplistic aesthetic of the home, while a darker gray may suit a more traditional home. 


Over the past several years, dark hardwoods dominated the industry, and while they are still popular among consumers, light hardwoods are making a comeback. There is a big push for minimalism in home decor, and more muted floor tones lend themselves to this style. Light-colored floors will let more light in the room, giving the allusion that the room is bigger and your furniture is smaller. 

Blonde or Honey 

Besides gray colors, cool and dark shades are slowly making their way out and warmer tones are becoming more popular. Similar to the natural look, blonde stained woods make a room feel larger. However, the golden sheen of the wood is more versatile with different decor styles. You can blend it with rustic, older looks, eclectic bohemian looks, or even more traditional looks. Consider using wood like white oak, bamboo, or maple to really achieve that honey color after you stain it. 

Flooring trends will always change, and prices on popular stains and colors will go up and down over the years. No matter the current trend, pick a floor color that is right for you and your personality. Flack’s Flooring only sells engineered hardwood, but all of our samples come in a variety of colors. When you visit our showroom, you can see firsthand how the wood looks on the floor and how it will feel beneath your feet. Let us know how we can help you pick out a color! 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Depending on your personal taste and style, different hardwood flooring can certainly vary from one room to the next. However, we are aware of the thickness and plank size for door or stairway transitions.

  • Flooring cost are dependent on the hardwood’s specifications, square footage of the home, materials needed. Flack’s Flooring has a wide selection of pre-engineered hardwood flooring, from brands like Hallmark, Mohawk, Shaw, and Norwood Hill.

  • Flack’s Flooring recommends using Bona Hardwood Cleaner.