How Floors Can Increase the Value of Your Home

In an ever-growing housing market, it is important for those thinking about selling to get the best value possible. General buyers want homes that are move-in ready with fairly new fixtures, roofing, appliances, and floors. Putting in new hardwoods and even carpet can improve the value of any home. 

Hardwood floors have been a top choice for buyers for a long time. The National Wood Flooring Association says, “99% of real estate agents say homes with hardwood are easier to sell, with 90% saying they sell for more money.” Of course, hardwood is the most expensive type of flooring, but buyers will mostly look for it in main areas of the house like your living room and kitchen. Keeping carpet in the bedroom is acceptable as long as it is clean. 

Another way to up the value is to keep your floors consistent throughout the entire home. Buyers don’t want to see one type of hardwood in the kitchen and another type in the living room. The same goes with carpeting in the bedrooms. Each room should flow naturally instead of looking mismatched. 

While hardwoods are the main kind of flooring that increases the price of a home, there are some kinds of hardwoods that won’t do too much for your value. Floors that are obviously worn with lots of scratches and dents will need to be fixed before you sell, and more traditional wood stains may not go with the more modern and neutral tones buyers are looking for in today’s market. 

The same goes for carpeting. You will want your carpets to be clean of dirt, dander, and especially odor. Any kind of stains from spills or pets will need a deep cleanse, and as said before, you will want the carpets to be consistent in the bedrooms. Carpet floors will also need to be a neutral color, like beige or light grey. Ostentatious colors or silly patterns will not go over well with buyers. 

Selling a home can definitely be difficult, and there is a lot of work that goes into fixing up a house before it is ready for the market. Flack’s Flooring is a carpet store that will help you create a unique and comfortable space to increase your home value and make the selling process less stressful.