How to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home Using Carpet?

While choosing carpets for your home, appearance and durability play key factors into your decisions. However, we often overlook how these carpets will impact our quality of living. Dander, dust, and moisture in carpeting allow for allergens and bacterias to grow in the fibers. Those with bad allergies, asthma, or just sensitivity can really be affected by this issue, and they may have to deep clean their carpets more regularly than they would like with no guarantee that it is actually removing the problem. 

The Solution: 

Last year, Mohawk launched their newest product Air.o, a hypoallergenic carpet made of 100% recyclable materials. The product is made with PET (a type of advanced polyester), which is environmentally conscious. This unique material provides better airflow through the fibers, releasing more of that dirt and dander every time you vacuum. In fact, it may even improve the air quality already in your home. 

Another way Air.o helps your personal health is the lack of chemicals used to make the product. Some carpets can release volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), which along with the dust and allergens, can irritate our skin, eyes, and throat. Unlike regular carpet, Air.o forgoes the the latex and chemical bonding used to hold the fibers and backing together, making it a much more safe product for you and your family.

Air.o also eliminates the need for traditional padding under the carpet. Its built-in felt padding adds a soft and comfortable feel for you, and an easy installation process for us. The lack of backing and chemical bonding give Air.o its lighter weight and flexibility,  making it easier to place around corners, edges, and on stairs. 

Interested in Air.o? 
Flack’s Flooring is currently running a special on Air.o right now! Purchase the Fresh Design Unified Carpet and Pad and the installation for the all-inclusive price of $3.38 per sq/ft. Just visit our showroom, and one of our sales associates can show you how the product will look and feel in your home.