Langhorne Carpet Samples Now Available at Flack’s

Who is the Langhorne Historic Carpet Company?

Langhorne Carpet company is the longest continuously operated carpet mill in the United States. Located in Penndel, Pennsylvania, and established in 1930, Langhorn creates quality carpet with superior craftsmanship. Their story begins with the inventor of the assembly line, Mr. Henry Ford, who was using six custom looms to make upholstery for automobiles. After those looms failed to do what they were designed for, he shipped them to the Langhorne Mill. Little did the company know that those looms would be crucial in meeting the demand for carpet around the country. Now, 91 years later, Langhorne produces rugs for historical events, museums, interior designers, and more.

What Makes Langhorne Carpet Unique?
In the modern age, polyester or nylon is the most widespread carpet fiber available. Langhorne takes an eco-friendly approach by using quality wool from the U.S. or New Zealand. Synthetic fibers are petroleum-based, making them flammable and harmful to the environment. However, wool is a completely renewable resource and 100% natural.

Besides the fabrication, Langhorne creates a variety of styles and patterns. From their more contemporary creations to their traditional designs, there is sure to be a pattern you love within their catalog.

Where can you find a Langhorne Rug?

Museum curators and historic preservationists enlist Langhorne to reproduce rugs for some of the country’s beloved buildings. Some of their creations can be found at Congress Hall in Philadelphia, The Old Boston State House, The Frederick Douglass House in Washington DC, The Virginia State House, and The Ontario Heritage Foundation. They have even created a custom cut rug for The Pope to walk on during his visit to Philadelphia. 

Create a Langhorne Custom Rug at Flack’s Flooring 

Langhorne carpet is not widely available in the Metro Atlanta Area. Flack’s Flooring is proud to be one of the only flooring companies in Georgia to carry this historic brand. We have various patterned and colored samples to choose from that would make a beautiful designer rug in your entryway, on your staircase, or in your living area. If you are interested in Langhorne and what they have to offer, make an appointment online to look through our selection.