Why Does Everyone Love Agreeable Gray?

You are standing in your local hardware or paint store, overwhelmed by all the different variations of each color. All of the samples in your hand are starting to look the same, and you think to yourself, “there is no way I can pick one color out of all these choices.” 

Most of us have been in this situation and understand how agonizing it can be to find a paint color that matches your decor, furniture, and floors. If you are looking to keep on trend, while also showing a consistent look, we recommend Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams. 

The Perfect Blend

Gray is the most popular color for walls, floors, and furniture right now. People are shifting away from ornate designs and flashy colors, and steering toward neutrals. Agreeable Gray takes elements from warm tones and cool tones and blends them together into a “greige.” Generally, grey is considered a cold color, often made with blue or black tints. By adding beige to it, you can create a more inviting color that lifts up the space, rather than dampening it.  

Compliments Most Decor

Whether your home is more farmhouse or more modern, Agreeable Gray holds up to its name. It seamlessly blends across several forms of home decor due to its mix of tones. Bring out the yellows and reds of a traditional space, use it as a blank canvas in a mid-century modern space, or add to your monotone look in an industrial space. 

Matches Most Hard Surface Floors

Just as it compliments most home decor, it also flatters most hard surface shades. If you have dark hardwoods, the gray will open up the room, making it feel larger. Pair it with light hardwood for a more natural blend of colors, or even use it against cherry hardwoods to bring out the wood’s red undertones. The only hardwood stain it may not work well with is itself. Gray on gray often looks drab and bland, and may actually look too neutral. 

Agreeable Gray is one of the most sold (if not the most sold) colors by Sherwin Williams, and it is easy to see why. Flack’s Flooring has even used it in our showroom to complement our floor vignettes. If you want to see how well the color matches up to one of our specials, visit the store. Bring any paint samples or fabric samples you need to help us coordinate which floor will go best with your walls and home decor.