Myths About Laminate Flooring

The vinyl flooring trend has really taken over the hard surface industry over the past few years, but laminate is still a viable option for those who want a more cost-effective floor. Some people may think that laminate has died out due to a few myths associated with the product, but not all of those myths hold truth. Here are a few misconceptions about laminates.

  1. Laminate Floors Are Hard to Clean

When it comes to water resistance, vinyl flooring is definitely more effective than laminate due to its synthetic makeup. However, as with any type of flooring, proper care and cleaning can prolong the life of any laminate floor. Sweeping the dirt, dry mopping, and regular mopping with a laminate-friendly cleaning solution will help your floors last just as long as any vinyl. 

2. Laminate Floors Are Not Durable 

Another misconception of laminate floors is that they are weaker and more easily damaged than traditional hardwoods. One might argue that the four layers (base, substrate, pattern, and top wear-and-tear) built into the substance make the product extremely sturdy. 

3. Laminate Only Looks Like Hardwoods

Just like vinyl, laminate can be designed to look like tile as well. This hard surface option has made many advances over the years, and you can now get it in several different styles, textures, and patterns, just like the multi-colored laminate by Krono Original pictured above!

4. Laminate is Hard to Repair 

Some people may confuse laminate with sheet vinyl and believe that if one part gets damaged, the whole floor has to be replaced. Fortunately, laminate is installed in interlocking planks, which can be easily replaced with a new one. If your floor takes a little water damage or suffers from bad scuff marks, just buy a few more planks! 

Laminate floors are still a great option to lay down in living spaces, bedrooms, and even kitchens. We sell a variety of laminate at Flack’s Flooring from brands like Mannington, DDCC, and Krono Original. Just stop by our showroom any time, and we will be happy to show you our collection!