How to Protect Your Hard Surface Floors During a Move

Moving is a stressful process for everyone, and we often worry about damaging our furniture, valuables, and floors. Heavy objects can easily scratch and dent new hardwood floors, leaving you with something else to fix. Take these precautions when moving out of your home and into a new one.

Don’t Drag Your Furniture

Couches, accent chairs, tables, and bed frames are usually pretty heavy and require someone strong to lift them. If you are unable to do so, do not drag or push your furniture across the floor. This will leave large streak marks on your floors that can be hard to remove. Instead, we recommend you invest in furniture sliders to cover the feet and edges of the object. If you are looking for a new mattress or bed frame for the new house, head on over to our friends at Fred’s Beds!

Cover Your Entryway with Floor Mats 

High foot traffic has been known to slowly wear on any kind of flooring. Dirt, water, and other outside elements can cause excessive damage to your floor. Watch the weather the day of the move, and place down a couple heavy-duty floor mats to prevent unwanted harm. 

Create a Path Using Protective Covers

Movers often lay down vinyl rolled mats to help them navigate throughout the house and move furniture without stepping on the hardwoods. You can also purchase protective covers similar to these to help you with your move. If you don’t want to spend the money, consider putting down your area rugs and carpet runners first. 

Measure and Plan Beforehand

Moving can go a little more smoothly if you have a game plan to begin with. Measure out where each piece of furniture will go and which one needs to go in the house first. Also decide what you can carry and which items need furniture pads. This will make the process go faster and safer. 

Use a Dolly with Rubber Wheels

For appliances like washing machines, a dolly or hand truck will often need to be used. Whether you are buying or renting one, make sure it has rubber wheels and not metal ones. Rubber is soft enough that it won’t scratch your hard surface floors, but be sure they are cleaned properly as well. 

We don’t want you to damage your new home’s floors before you even get settled. Use these tips and you should have little to no issues. If you are interested in getting new hard surface floors, visit Flack’s and take a look at all of our beautiful options!