Protect Your Carpet Against Pets and Spills

Pets are one of the key factors to consider when choosing new carpets for your home. They track in dirt, leave dander and fur everywhere, and of course, leave urine and other stains behind. However, that shouldn’t stop you from getting new carpet. Stainmaster and Mohawk both have reliable carpet products designed specifically for those homes with furry friends. Let’s take a look at both products and their unique features, so that you can better determine which carpet suits your lifestyle and your pet’s lifestyle best. 

Mohawk Smartstrand 

When it comes to stain resistance, Smartstrand has got you covered. Their stain resistant technology is built within the fibers of the carpet instead of coating the fibers, giving it a “new level of protection.” This way pet accidents or spills will never penetrate the fibers, combating any odors, dander, or bacteria that can build up overtime. One of their many campaigns to demonstrate its effectiveness against stains is the famous Rhino Challenge. After putting the carpet down in a zoo for a few weeks, Mohawk came in to clean the dirt and grime off the carpet! Check out how well they were able to remove the stains on Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJ_z8qiELgE

Smartstrand is also environmentally aware, and is the only renewable carpet fiber that is certified free of harmful substances. They use plant-based materials in their fibers, which not only minimizes the use of limited natural resources, but also reduces manufacturing waste and energy. 

The icing on the cake is that all Smartstrand products come with an All Pet Warranty. Some pet warranties are not guaranteed for pets other than dogs and cats. Smartstrand covers pets from birds to rabbits, to rodents, and even reptiles! If any of your animals have accidents that don’t come out, Mohawk will replace the carpet free of charge for the entire life of the carpet. 

Stainmaster PetProtect 

Stainmaster PetProtect is also a very popular choice for pet owners out there, mostly because of the durability and comfort of the product. Just like Smartstrand, PetProtect uses innovative technology to resist stains from pets or spills. By using solution-dyed nylon, which is not designed to hold in color, Stainmaster has made a carpet that is easy to clean and maintain. 

Another way Stainmaster stands out among durable carpets, is its added carpet cushion system. The cushion provides a breathable moisture barrier that “prevents spills and accidents from hitting the subfloor. This decreases any smells caused by the stains, and allows for a more thorough cleaning with a simple vacuum or wet cloth. 

Finally, Stainmaster comes in several different styles and colors. The brand has been around for a while, and can vary from a more soft and luxurious carpet to a more flat and sturdy texture. PetProtect has even moved in the luxury vinyl, offering claw and scratch resistance as well as better traction for slippery paws. 

While either carpet is a great option for homes with pets, you should also consider it for young and active children. It is important to choose carpet and new floors based on your personal lifestyle and needs. If you are interested in either Smartstrand or PetProtect, Flack’s has showroom samples of both to feel and walk on before you buy!