Protect Your Floors from Your Furry Friends

Pets bring immense joy and happiness to our lives. They comfort us, they cuddle us, and they love us unconditionally. But, they can also bring unwanted stains, smells, and messes. Flooring can be ruined in a matter of minutes if you don’t have the right protection. Luckily, the industry is fully aware of this and has made it easier for owners to maintain and care for their floors. Here are a few product suggestions for all those pet lovers out there. 


Generally, hardwood floors aren’t ideal for homes with pets. If damaged frequently by scratches, hardwoods may need to be refinished every 4-6 years instead of the average 7-10 years. However, the engineers at Hallmark have solved part of this issue by replicating the “bog-wood process.” In nature, this method occurs when logs lie buried in lakes or rivers for hundreds of years, deprived of oxygen and sun to create a more saturated color. Instead of using the traditional staining method, the True Collection by Hallmark speeds up this process and naturally turns each layer of wood into a deep golden or black color. This means if your pets scratch the top surface of these floors, it will be much less noticeable. 

Luxury Vinyl 

Luxury vinyl plank is one of the best options for pet-friendly flooring, but knowing which one is best for you can be challenging. Karndean’s award-winning Korlock Select features a wide variety of wood visuals and features a 5G locking mechanism backed by their HoldFast Lifetime Residential Warranty. This ensures that your planks will stay together and prevent water and liquids from potentially damaging your floors. The K-Guard surface protection also helps prevent scuffs, stains, and scratches from your cats and dogs. With little maintenance needed, the Select vinyl plank is perfect for those large, busy families. 


Carpet can be the most challenging floor type to maintain due to the high absorption of spills and dirt into the fibers. Many of Mohawk’s carpet products feature the SmartStrand Forever Clean, which comes with an all-pet warranty that covers more than just dogs and cats. The exceptional durability, built-in stain and soil protection, and zero percent moisture absorption eliminates odors and keeps your floors looking new and fresh all the time. Our True Unity special has the SmartStrand fibers needed to make your bedroom, living room, stairs, and more longer-lasting. We even install it over our Ultra Premium Pad for an all-inclusive price. 

 Pets are a big part of our lives, but so are our homes. We want you to get the best of both worlds. If you are interested in any of these options for your home, you can view our specials page to see examples of our products. Visit the store to walk on and feel our samples and talk to our sales specialists for more detailed information!