How to Repurpose Excess Hardwood Planks

When purchasing new hardwoods, it is always important to purchase more than needed in case of defective planks or discoloration. Often times however, you are left with some excess hardwood. Throwing it out would be a waste, so here are a few ways to repurpose your extra hardwood planks.

Tables and Table Tops

An easy way to use your wood planks is to cover a flat surface like a coffee table, side table, or a a kitchen island. Fit the planks together like you would on a floor, place them on the surface you want to cover, cut them to fit, and glue them down. Take a look at our Pinterest Board DIY Table Top (https://www.pinterest.com/FlacksFlooring/diy-table-top/)  for some more inspiration. 

Accent Walls and Covered Ceilings 

Using reclaimed wood or shiplap as an accent wall has become increasing popular in homes and offices. One way to use your excess hardwood planks is to make an accent wall or even a half accent wall. Similarly, you can replace your popcorn ceiling or smooth ceiling with a textured wood ceiling. Add a coat of white paint and you have a unique finish to any room.

Small Projects

If you only have a small number of planks leftover, you can always make them into frames or mirrors. Just cut four mitered pieces to fit the size of your glass, then nail or screw the frame pieces together and add a backing to the frame. They make great gifts for friends or family, as well as nice decor for your own home.  


Another great way to use your leftover planks is to create a headboard for a bed. It doesn’t have to be a complicated process. You just need a to measure the size of the bed, and cut the wood accordingly. Attach the pieces in a simple square or rectangular design and fix it above your bed. Take a look a the example below. 

repurpose hardwood flooring


Shelving is a great way to use your planks, while also organizing your home in a decorative fashion. All you need are some shelf brackets to attach them to the wall. They will fit perfectly in any living space, closet, or pantry as extra storage. 

If you don’t know how much excess wood you need to order, don’t worry! Just come to Flack’s Flooring for a general quote, and we will help you pick out the perfect amount. We would love to see some of your DIY hardwood projects as well. Just follow us on Facebook and post them to our page!