Save Time with These Spring Cleaning Tips!

As the weather warms up and springtime approaches, it is time for the dreaded task of spring cleaning. For many people, this is the time to really deep clean your home and declutter your things. You’ll want to empty out those closets and attic spaces, all the while asking yourself, “does this spark joy?” Then, you’ll move on to really sanitizing and cleaning every inch of your house, from the bathrooms to the basement. 

We know it can be a daunting task, especially if you have a large house and a lot of stuff. While Flack’s can’t exactly help you clean your entire home, we can offer you some great spring cleaning tips for your floors! Here are a few ways you can easily clean your carpet, hardwoods, or LVT flooring.


Maintaining your carpet throughout the year is very important, and you should vacuum at least once a week to keep it fresh. However, over time your carpet will naturally collect spots and stains from your children, pets, or even yourself. First, try and clean those spots with just water. Blot the stain with a warm rag or paper towel continuously. If the water doesn’t remove the stain, try a cleaning solution. For those dirtier carpets, you will want to have it professionally cleaned. Call a local carpet cleaner like our friends over at KG Cleaning Services located in Dawson County, or invest in a steam vacuum to clean them yourself. Either way, you will want to deep clean your carpet at least once a year.


Hardwoods can be tricky, because they can’t take in a lot of moisture. However, vacuuming and dry mopping will often be enough to preserve them. Use a robot vacuum like a Roomba to eliminate time while you clean other areas, or buy a hardwood attachment for your regular vacuum. For stubborn spots, you will want to use a light amount of water to wipe it up, and for sticky substances, try applying light pressure with a dull plastic scraper to remove them. Avoid using steam mops entirely, as the high temperatures and moisture content can ruin your floors.


Laminate is a more water resistant material than normal hardwood, but it still needs to cleaned carefully during your spring cleaning. As with most hard surface floors, vacuum and dry mop regularly. To mop your floors, use soap-free solutions only, like Bona or Black Diamond. Naturally, your laminate or hard surfaces will accrue scratches and dents. Completely avoid waxing and buffing machines, as they could add more damage to your floors. Instead, for large scratches, use a laminate flooring compound filler. This won’t fill the the scrapes or dents with new wood, but it will hide them from the normal eye. 

Spring cleaning can be a hard job, but by using some of these methods and cleaning your floors on a regular basis, you will have less work to do in the long run. If you need more help, you can always refer to the specific floor brand’s website for precise cleaning tips and guidance. Be sure to check out our blog to learn more about cleaning other types of flooring, and contact us at Flack’s Flooring for professional floor cleaning referrals. Happy Spring!