The Best Commercial Flooring for Different Businesses

Is your establishment in need of new flooring? With so many options on the market now, it can be hard to narrow down the best options available to you. Plus, there are several factors to consider for your environment such as foot traffic, maintenance, colors, and durability. Here are some of our suggestions for commercial floors in different types of businesses. 

Apartment Complex/Property Management

In today’s world, new luxury apartment complexes are springing up everywhere, and old ones are in constant need of repair. Often times, one tenant is enough to destroy a cheaper hard surface or carpeted floor, so you will want to choose flooring that withstands the foot traffic of children, pets, and multiple people. Vinyl flooring is both modern and attractive, as well as high quality and functional. Most vinyl is extremely water resistant, which will help if there are leaks and water damages outside of the tenants control. As for carpet, rental properties will want to choose a long lasting fiber that doesn’t show to much wear overtime. Also, consider choosing a soft, cut pile under a nice padding to attract potential tenants. 

Car Dealerships

Dealerships often have a lot of heavy equipment and cars showcased on their sales floor. The floors will be more prone to scrapes and dents than most, therefore you will want to go with something like carpet tile to avoid such damages. If you do have the occasional spill or stain, carpet tiles can be removed and replaced individually, making them perfect for commercial use. In addition, their sleek look goes perfectly with the modern aesthetic of a car dealership. 

Hospitals and Labs

Hospitals have more foot traffic than most commercial facilities, and their floors need to be constantly maintained and sanitized. While smaller doctors offices prefer to use more appealing floors like luxury vinyl plank or tile, hospitals needs something with extreme longevity. Epoxy flooring is created by applying a thermosetting resin onto treated concrete slabs. The special coating prevents and protects against general wear and tear, foot traffic, and even chemical spills. 


In terms of appearance, you can really use anything in a retail space. Carpets provide a warmth and coziness to your business, while hard surfaces look very contemporary. However, whether you are rolling out a rack of clothes or a cart of food, you will need floors that are heavy-duty, water resistant, and can be quickly installed. You don’t want to take too much time installing floors and disrupting business, so choosing something like hardwoods might not be a good idea. If they aren’t pre-engineered, hardwoods have to be installed and finished on site, which can take a few days. In restaurants, you want floors that don’t hold moisture and are slip resistant, especially in the kitchen area. Quarry Tiles, a product made from hard-fired clay, are highly recommended. See a full list of different types of commercial flooring on our blog!

As you open or remodel your business, consider these flooring suggestions. They will all provide you with a strong and reliable floor for your specific business. Find out more about recent Flack’s Flooring commercial jobs on our Youtube channel, and contact our Commercial Specialist Skip Mangum if you are in need of new floors.