Three Ways to Bind a Rug

In an earlier blog, we discussed using carpet remnants to make an area rug. To dive deeper into that process, we have to talk about three ways in which rugs can be bound. Serging, fringing, and normal binding can all create different looks for your living space. Each technique must be done with a special machine managed by a professional. Flack’s is currently working on expanding our custom cut rug business and would like to educate and inform our customers on how binding works. 


Serging is commonly referred to as overlock stitching due to its hand-sewn look. It is generally more expensive than normal binding but adds a little finesse to your rug. The machine continuously wraps the material around the edge of your carpet, creating a loop effect. Most pre-manufactured rugs are made by serging, which gives them a high-end look. Choose from a variety of fabric colors at Flack’s, and we will send your carpet of choice to the binder to be serged. 


Fringing is the most visually jarring of the three techniques and goes well with many bohemian or industrial decor looks. To have a rug custom made with fringing is quite expensive, and many opt to buy it premade. Hand-knotted rugs require a fringe due to the excess fibers. Flack’s carries many of the Magnolia Homes area rugs, which often feature fringing. While the look is different and unique, fringed rugs are not always a practical choice, as they damage easily. 


Normal binding is the typical way to turn those carpet remnants into a rug. By wrapping a strip of fabric around the edge of the carpet and stitching it with a machine, it creates a finished look to any piece of carpet. Binding is the least expensive technique with the widest selection of colors and fabrics. You can easily match the color of the carpet to the binding strip, creating a more seamless appearance. In addition to serging, Flack’s can also send carpet to be bound. Just choose from any of our remnants or showroom samples to create your perfect area rug in any size. 

Whichever way you prefer the edge of your rugs to look, Flack’s can help you achieve it. We offer both serging and binding and have examples of fringing available in our Magnolia Homes Collection. Let us help you create the customized area rug for your home. Give us a call to find out more information or go online to read about our binding process.